Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Sun Returns

Day 102

When I woke up I randomly checked my reservation for Zürich. I about had a heart attack when it said I was meant to be on a train that morning. I checked with the hostel and I was meant to spend another night and then I called Stu, who was picking me up at the train station to make sure that I had given him the right date. Apparently the only person to not have the right date was the guy I asked to book the ticket. Right away I headed to the train station to make the change. I thought that because it wasn't my mistake that I would get the money back, but I had to pay again anyway. I'm sure that it had something to do with the language barrier and am not going to get too upset about it.

When everything was sorted Laura and I headed to the Sforzese Castle. It was originally built in the middle ages, but so many changes had been made that the structure would no longer be recognizable. We were going to check out the museums, but Lauras friends called her, they were waiting for her at the Duomo. I walked with her most of the way there, but then went off in search of some soda and a water. It was beyond hot and I was really dehydrated.

Finally, feeling slightly refreshed I headed off to the Museum of Science and Technology. This museum had some of Da Vinci's inventions on display, not the ones he made, but rather that they made from his drawings. It was a long walk and I was really feeling the sun by the time I got there. I was also really pissed off to find out that the museum was closed for the summer.

Hot, sweaty, and really irritated I decided to just go back to the hostel and get my stuff together to leave for the next day. After packing and some Internet time I had one last dinner at my local bar. Back at the hostel I started reading a wonderful book called The Book Theif before falling asleep early.

I had a great time in Italy, but it was time to leave. I was a bit tired of things not working well and the creepy attention I often was getting. I was also really looking forward to being back in Switzerland. And it was really time to leave this hostel. Milan is not really a tourist destination so no one was here for more th a night or so, in some cases only a few hours. I was looking forward to going to a more social setting.

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