Sunday, June 22, 2008

Football and Beer

Day 103
I was excited to be heading to Zürich for a bunch of reasons. I was getting tired of Italy and was ready for a new country. Over a few different trips I have spent about 7 weeks in Italy. I have seen a lot of this country, even though I know there is still a lot more to see. I was just really ready for a change and something that would not be so very familiar. Secondly, I really liked Zürich the last time I was there. And, most importantly, I was looking forward to seeing Stu. Stu is a Bootsnall friend who al
so met up with me way back when I started this trip in London.

The train ride was easy, I read and slept for most of it. There was basically no border control, and once again I didn't get any new stamps in my passport. That's fine by me, the less stamps, the slower it will fill up and more pages will be needed.

Stu even met me at the train station. This was the first time during this trip that someone was somewhere waiting for me that I already knew. It was kinda nice. What was also nice was Stu's shower. It had lots of water pressure and hot water, things that I hadn't had in quite some time.

Once I had cleaned up and dropped off all of my things we Stu and I went to an American pizza place called Uncle Sam's for lunch. The pizza was good, and the American theme was a nice taste of home. Afterwards Stu gave me a walking tour of Zürich, even though it was familiar, it was nice to have a local (Stu has been in Zürich for about 7 years) show me around.

I've mentioned before that the Eurocup is going on. I've seen a ton of games at this point. The series was being hosted by Austria and Switzerland. Zürich was set up for a huge party and as there was a game on that night we decided to check it out. We also grabbed a couple of beers to walk around with. As I am American and this is allowed basically no where in the States it is quite a novelty for me to do this.

First we checked out the lake, the people swimming, and a park. We both watched the game out of the corner of our eyes while we caught up over beers.

Around 10 pm we realized that the alcohol consumption was a bit more tan either of us would have liked. We headed back to Stu's place and spent a bit of time chatting on his balcony before heading to sleep.

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