Monday, June 23, 2008

Regrets I have a Few

Day 104

Stu and I were up early and just sort of looked at each other across his apartment to confirm that we both felt positively awful. I tried to force a speedy recovery with advil, water, and reading, and Stu watched movies for a cure.

Eventually the pills kicked in and the hangover went away. I also convinced myself that I would be irritated later on if I wasted the entire day just laying in bed. Around noon I got my act together and headed to St. Gallen.

St. Gallen is a cute little medieval Swiss town. After studying the map over Strarbucks I headed to the cloisters. There was some sort of event going on and most of it seemed shut. Or perhaps I just couldn't figure out how to get into the church.

Instead I headed to the beer bottle museum at the Schutzengarten Museum. The hundreds of bottles from the last couple of years were interesting, but they certainly did nothing for my almost gone hangover.

I decided that learning some local history would help me out and headed to the relevant museum. As it turned out it was a Monday and the museum was closed. Bummer.

My map told me that the funicular was the best route to the Mulener Gorge. I went up it thinking I would have a fabulous view, but instead I just got a concrete wall. On the way back down I met a friendly German guy named Julius. We ended up getting some ice cream and walking to the train station together. He was also in the area for a day trip.

By the time I had gotten back to Z├╝rich and walked to Stu's place I was in desperate need of a shower. It was hot out. When I was ready to go we headed out to a local place to meet up with Stu's friend Pamela and fellow Bootie Madhu. Pamela wasn't able to stay long, however, she was moving back to Hong Kong and offered to let me crash with her when I get there. It will be really nice to see a familiar face at that point.

Madhu was a lot of fun and the three of us ended up at a pizza tent set up for the Eurocup. There weren't any games going on though and it was pretty quiet. When the tent shut down, not very late, we took the tram together to the train station and then parted ways with Madhu.

After my seemingly long but really kinda uneventful day I was definitely glad to be getting some sleep.

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