Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All About Nothing

Day 134
The rude awakening I got this morning was the same two women talking loudly. I would have thought that consideration came with age! I was able to fall asleep a bit this time. Over breakfast I said goodbye to Richard. I didn´t run into Malahat though, we had exchanged info the day before and she told me to drop her a line when I get to Istanbul.

When I left I headed to the tourist office where I could check my email for free. Anke, who I had met in Antwerp and lives in Utrecht, had emailed me. I wrote her back asking if she would like to meet for lunch the next day. I headed to Utrecht anyway though. I wasn´t sure if she would be free and I didn´t want to miss out. Once I had gotten to Utrecht I spent some time wandering the very pretty old town before I stumbled on an internet cafe. Anke had confirmed plans for the next day. I was a bit at a loss of what to do with myself now. I didn´t want to see Utrecht as I knew that I would be coming back. I decided to go back to The Hague and see the museum that I had missed. Somehow I got side tracked though. Utrecht has a huge mall attached to its train station. After browsing through the things that I not only can´t afford I would not want to carry I ended up at the movie theater. This time I saw Hancock. It was ok, definitely not Will Smiths best.

When I got back to Rotterdam I spent a while looking for a phantom internet cafe before I gave up and simply went to the supermarket. Back at the hostel I had dinner with Sam. We decided to go to the movies for the evening. I´m such a bum sometimes. Someone please light a fire under my butt! After the movie it was late and we headed back to the hostel.

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