Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Could be a TV

Day 133
I was woken up by two 110 year old women who were talking very loudly. I couldn´t get back to sleep and ended up just reading in various spots around the hostel waiting for Sam and Richard to wake up. Our plan was to go to The Hague whenever. I hate whenever, I want a plan! Those boys took forever to wake up and I was getting a bit frustrated. Eventually Sam woke up. It turns out that Richard was a bit pissed the night before and after I went to sleep he told Sam several times that he could be a tv. We decided to say that whenever there was a lull in the conversation.

The train to The Hague was only about 15 minutes. For the first while Sam and I forgot that we could be tv´s. When I got there I was a bit disappointed that the boys didn´t want to check out the art museum. I would have normally just met up with them later, but they were a lot of fun and I wanted to stick with them. We ended up wandering around for a bit and then grabbing a beer with a view of a sand sculpture. Eventually we moved and and checked out an iceberg floating on a pond. I have no idea, but hey, I could be a tv. After checking out some more buildings, mainly the town hall, we had some really good honey beer in another square. We talked about travel mostly. Richard was a bit upset that there weren´t more internet cafes and places to buy batteries and water in Holland. I had never really noticed the problem. Luckily Richard was being a really good sport whenever Sam or I said we could be a tv. He did tell us that we were taking it out of context. But really, in what context could I be a tv?

After watching some ducks in a park swim around in a row we headed back to Rotterdam for dinner. At the hostel we met a Turkish girl named Malahat and ended up playing Uno for most of the night. It wasn´t a very eventful day, but hey, I could be a tv!

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Peopls said...

I could be a TV Too!
Nice one on the update, I've finally updated my blog after nearly a month of writers block, but it doesn't mention being a TV yet :(
Will do soon though!
Have fun on your trip and hopefully see ya in Asia somewhere (you'd better hurry up though!)