Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cannes You See the Stars?

Day 116
My alarm went off early and I packed up as quickly and quietly as I could. When I brought my bags downstairs to leave with the Pink Lady for some time she asked me if I was comfortable. I replied yes. The hostel was a dump, but I couldn't tell her that to her face.

A few minutes later I met Laura and we headed off to Cannes. While we looked for the tourist office we wandered by the beach. I guess that I am a bit of a prude because I really feel that bikini tops belong on the body and not on the sand. Also, if you cannot see your feet when you look down a speedo is simply not appropriate beachwear. This goes treble for anyone over 60. Laura seemed more appalled by the silicone body parts than the missing tops.

Near the tourist office was the red carpet. Along with the other tourists we took turns posing. There were also some cutouts that we took corny pictures with.

After admiring the huge boats (one even had a helicopter) we walked down the main shopping drag. We stopped to take pictures by one of the fancy hotels and a paparazzi guy took the picture for us.

There are two islands near Cannes, one has a monastery and the other a prison. Not just any prison though, St. Marguerite is where the man in the mask, and Leonardo DiCaprio was imprisoned. After a boat ride, which I managed to not puke on, we got to the island. We wanted to head straight for the prison but go really lost along the way. We ended up exploring almost every side of the island before we got to the place that we really wanted to be.

The fort itself was kinda boring. The museum was pretty good though. Basically the king could imprison people without a trial for any reason. Those were the types of people imprisoned here. The man in the iron mask was here for quite a while. It is a mystery as to who he really was. About sixty people have been suggested, but the truth is lost to history. Also imprisoned here were a lot of protestant ministers. They were here to be reprogrammed.

Prior to being a fort the Romans had some stuff up here and we were able to visit the cistern. It was pretty cool to see how these had been changed into a prison.

At this point we had seen the island and I had a really nasty sunburn. It was time to go back to Cannes. Due to the timing of the boat I didn't have any time left and had to go straight to the train station while Laura planned to stay and check out the old town. We said a quick goodbye and made plans to see each other in Germany before I ran for a train.

Back in Nice I had just enough time to grab my bags from the Pink Lady and head off to the train station. I had a very early night train to Dijon. When I boarded the train I was disappointed to find that there wasn't really enough light to even read by so I simply let the rocking of the train lull me to sleep.

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