Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lazy Kathryn

Day 119
There are several reasons that I decided to do nothing today. I slept through my alarm, or maybe I didn't even set it. It was raining. I was a bit tired. And Jane Austin told me so.

I did manage to get up early enough for my free breakfast though, but I went right back to sleep after eating. Eventually I got hungry again and I headed down the street to Ikea. Yes, my hostel was so far out of town that it was next to the Ikea. For some reason Swedish meatballs seemed like a really good idea to me. And you know, they tasted pretty damn good.

After wandering around Ikea for a bit and decorating my fictional future apartment for a while I headed to the next door supermarket. This was by the one of the largest supermarkets I have ever seen in my entire life. It was just massive. It took me forever to explore all of the aisles. I've long thought that a grocery store was a tourist attraction. They have all these weird things that I have never seen before. There are boxes to pick up and wonder at, trying to figure out what they contain. And then there is always the scavenger hunt of finding what you actually want. The prize is when you get the right thing. This place had a huge fruit and dried fruit section. I went a bit crazy and even when buying it knew that I would mostly likely turn into a plum/strawberry mix from eating so many of them.

Back at the hostel I read and napped intermittently until it was late and time to go to bed. Oh yea, I managed to finish my book as well.

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