Monday, July 7, 2008

Lost in Lyon

Day 118
I was up before my alarm and the first person in line for a carb heavy free breakfast. In no time I was on a bus to the train station and waiting for my train to Lyon.

My guidebook had mentioned a huge mall and I exited the station in what I thought was the direction of that. I was wrong and it took me about 3 hours to find the old town. It wasn't a bad three hours though, the weather was nice and the town was really quite lovely. A good place for a wander, intended or not.

When I found the tourist office I was surprised to learn that it was Monday. I shouldn't have been shocked though, Monday does typically come after Sunday. They only museum open this day was the Fine Arts Museum. This is an excellent place to spend a few hours. They have diverse and well organized collection, just not a very large one. I had a good time checking out the Egyptian stuff first. Egypt is on the itinerary for this winter and I can't want to see these things in their natural habitat!

They had a rather large collection of both art and sculptures by Rodin, not really sure why, but wasn't about to complain. Monet has long been my favorite artist and I was thrilled to see about half a dozen of his works here. I also found a new favorite in Fleury Richard.

By the time I had finished exploring the museum it was long past lunch time. I meant to get a salad or something healthy like that, but ended up at Haagen Daas instead with a very large brownie sunday in front of me. Not really sure how this came about. I think I must have been on chocolate auto pilot.

I also decided that I would like to head back to Dijon at this point. While walking back to the train station I managed to find the mall. This was one scary place. I haven't been in a mall in ages and I don't think I've been to such a large one since I was in Dubai. This place was also beyond packed and I had to fight my way to even get to the Carefour (sorta like a super Walmart). After fighting the crowd and picking up dinner and fruit I stood around about 20 minutes in the very crowded train station waiting for my train. I found the crowd to be a bit unnerving and was pretty glad to get out of there.

Back in Dijon I spent some time chatting with my Aussie roommate before watching moving on my ipod and falling asleep.

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