Monday, August 18, 2008

95 Reasons

Day 160
Today I had things to do. I was going to be staying with some family in Paris shortly and I wanted to bring their teenage daughters something nice. Of course I had no idea what to get them. It was a teenager a couple of years ago, I don’t know why it was so hard. After checking out about a dozen stores I finally just asked the sales lady, turns out that purses were the most sought after so that’s what I got.

Mondays in Europe tend to be a bit boring with everything shut down for the day. I decided to head out to Wittenberg after my little shopping spree. This is where Luther started the Protestant Reformation. I just wrote about this about 2 days ago. If you don’t remember I suggest taking notes during future entries. There will be a test at the end of this trip. Just kidding!

Wittenberg is a really cute little town. It was quiet too. I wandered down the main street to the Castle Cathedral. On the wall was a bronze version of Luther’s thesis. I liked up with everyone else to get a picture. Inside the church wasn’t that interesting. They were charging €1 to take a picture and I decided to be cheap, therefore I have no pictures.

On a street not far away I found the St. Mary Church. The inside was pretty interesting. An info sign said that outside there was a stone carving that depicted Jews as pigs. It said that this was typical of medieval churches. I have never heard this and went outside to find it. The carving had a plaque in front of it, but I couldn’t see anything that remotely resembled a pig. There was a holocaust memorial on the ground in front of it.

After wandering the town for a bit longer I simply headed back to Berlin. It was dinner time when I returned and I made myself some pasta. Berlin had been a bit lonely so I once again tried to meet people. I think this is just a bad week for that. I did run into an Italian guy that I had met in Frankfurt though. He annoyed me in Frankfurt and he annoyed me in Berlin.

I ended up watching the Olympics for a while in my room. When the other girls in my room returned I shut off the tv and went to sleep.

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