Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alone Again

Day 154
I woke up early in order to say goodbye to Markus, he once again had that work thing to do. It was sad packing up, I had had such a good time catching up with Markus. I guess that this does get a little lonely sometimes.

It was still early when I made my way to the train station. I was now headed to Berlin! After a touch of confusion at the HBF, I managed to find the bus for my hostel. It was really quite easy to get there. I was glad to see that there were only three other people in the room. I was going to be here for 8 nights and this just meant a better shot a good nights sleep.

The day was overcast and a bit rainy. I decided that I could spend one more day not doing a whole lot. I headed to Potsdamer Platz to see a movie. The Mummy had just come out. It was pretty good, I still have a crush on Brendan Friazer. I think that another one might be coming out too.

After the movie I did some grocery shopping. At the hostel I made myself some dinner. In the hostel bar I met a couple of people and chatted with them for a while before going to sleep.

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