Friday, August 29, 2008

Au revior

Day 171
I got up at a descent time and packed up my stuff before I left for Paris. This was my last day, I had a night train to Hamburg at the end of the day.

When I got to Paris I walked up to Mont Martre, a hill that is above Paris. I had a bit of a problem with the scammers who try to tie a bracelet on people and then get money from them. I gave the guy my best don´t mess with me look though and he backed down.

At the top I took a walk around and tried to avoid the droves of tourists and guys trying to draw their pictures. I had thought that I would have lunch up here, but wasn´t the least big hungry. Instead I headed straight for the history museum. Apparently20the tourists haven´t found this place yet, it was almost empty.

Mont Martre started as a religious settlement. The Romans even had a temple here. Fast forward a few hundred years. Mont Martre was not considered to be part of Paris and was therefore not taxed. The once religious hill became a center of debauchery. Cabarets opened up, bars were overflowing and I´m sure there were some brothels mixed in as well. Artists flocked here and even Renoir lived here for a bit. Eventually it was incorporated into Paris and is now a really cute place to wander in.

I still wasn´t hungry when I finished the museum but felt compelled to have a street crepe. Yum. I walked down the opposite side of the steps thinking I would avoid the bracelet guys. The ones over here were much more aggressive though and when I ignored one of them he hit me on the shoulder as I walked past. I wanted to call him some names, but decided that I should really just keep moving. By the time I was close to the train station I was hungry and I grabbed some fast food.

Back in Langy I accidentally took a nap. I hadn´t meant to do that, I wanted to sleep on the train. It wasn´t long before I had to say goodbye to everyone. It was really sad.

Eliane took me to the town across the way and we fed the swans some bread before checking out the church. Saying goodbye to Eliane was re ally very sad. I had had such a great time talking20to her. I know that I will keep in touch though.

I got to Gare du Nord about 20 minutes before my train left. I had a beer in the restaurant car before calling it a night.

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