Saturday, August 30, 2008

It was a very good beer

Day 172
When I woke up I was back in Germany. I was in my least favorite city though, Hamburg. No matter, I only had about an hour to wait for my next train. I was headed to Copenhagen, Denmark. I had never been to Denmark before and was quite excited.

The train ride was not short though, about 4.5 hours. There was even 45 minutes on a ferry. Luckily the sea was calm and I didn´t get sick. They did make everyone get off of the train though, unlike when I was in Sicily. I think the point was to get people to buy stuff. It worked, I bought some M&M´s.

By the time I found my hostel I was exhausted. I had spent 17 hours in transit. It´s funny just how tiring doing nothing can be. I did want to see a bit of Copenhagen though. I spent some time wandering around and even checked out the main shopping street, the longest pedestrianized street in the world. I also stopped at a bar that is known for slow pour Carlsburg. I only had one though, it was the most amount I have paid for a beer yet on this trip.

At this point it was evening and I decided to go and see Wall-E. It was really incredibly cute!

Walking back was nice, even though it was a bit late at this point. No one bothered me at all. That was really nice. When I did get back to the hostel it was really very quiet and I simply went to sleep.

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