Friday, August 8, 2008

Back at Work

Day 150

When I was in Dresden I worked at the Deutsches Hyegine museum. I helped to work on the new permanent exhibit. Well, it was new about 4 years ago any way. Six years ago the museum was free on Fridays, my hope was that it would be the same today. It wasn´t, but no big deal.

The new exhibit is about 5 times the size of the old one. I recognized some of the objects from the old exhibit. The transparent woman was there. One of the sections that I had worked on was about how different cultures dealt with death. I had written a few letters to try and get one of the containers that ashes are sent into space in. The museum had one of these. I have no idea of this was because of me or not, but I like to think that it was.

In the room on food there was a cornucopia with animals and all sorts of food coming out of it. When you touched the different objects a screen popped up and told you about which cultures eat and don´t eat the different types of food.

The next room was about sex, these were followed by the room about kids. I wonder if it was on purpose. There were also a few rooms on health and fitness, but these were all in German and I couldn´t really figure out what was going on. The last rooms were on beauty. The whole thing was really very well done and I really enjoyed going back to work.

Across the street from the museum on Fridays was a market. You could get all sorts of things here. What I used to go for, and was looking for today was some sort of yummy Turkish sandwich. I was really surprised that the stand was not only still there, but in the same place. The sandwich was just as good as I remembered to.

After wandering around the Grosse Garten for some time I headed back to the hostel to pick up my stuff. At the train station I made a quick phone call.

Way back in Belfast I met Markus and his dad Christian from Leipzig. We had kept in touch over the last several months and they had invited me to stay with them. Markus picked me up at the train station. This doesn´t happen very often, well, only twice now. It is really nice to not have to navigate a new city on my own with my pack. Back at Markus´s house I caught up with his dad and met his mom Daniela. They had a lot of friends and family over to see Markus off for his year of civil service and they had a barbecue going on.

When I had lived in Dresden I met another Leipziger named Markus. He came over around eight and we headed out on the town. Markus had planned a pub crawl of some of the best places in the city. It was really fabulous to catch up after almost three years of not seeing each other.

After several months on my own now it was really wonderful to be around friends.

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