Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chore Day

Day 149

As I had been to also of the museums in Dresden I decided to take care of some chores. I wrote a bunch of postcards and then headed out to do my laundry. Unfortunately the only place to do this was way across town. While I was looking for it I was approached by some crazy political people. I had to do my best to get myself out of a very uncomfortable conversation without being rude.

When my laundry was done I headed back to the hostel. I wanted to explore Dresden some more, but wanted to wait. It was rather hot out and I was thinking that most of the tourists are might be day trippers.

It was around 7 when I hit the town again. I started by heading to the Zwinger, a palace here. It looked amazing and for some reason there was a dance show going on. One building I found had just been a broken looking fa├žade six years ago, now it appeared to be a palace as well. The Elbe as amazing, and not over its banks this time around. I also stumbled on a few museums that were either new, or just recently reopened. I think that I will have to go back to Dresden.

I didn´t want to have a late night, there was a lot to do the next day, so I headed back to the hostel early and spent the evening reading.

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