Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Days

Day 147
When I woke up I was determined to not spend another day doing nothing or just wandering around pissed off. I was also up qutie early for really inexplicable reasons.

None of the museums opened until 10 am and I decided that I needed a really long walk anyway. I decided to head out to the former Nazi parade grounds. This was a really long freaking walk. There were different paths to follow and I seemed to jump from one to the other with no real idea of where I was going. Eventually I had enough of this and I knew that it was time to get back and check out the museums.

On my walk back I found an internet café and decided to look into my credit card stuff so that when I called later I could have everything written out, I wanted to be prepared. Much to my surprize I had been credited back the money, both the fraudulent charge and the accidental addtion of it. I guess tears do work sometimes.

When I got back to the city center I headed straight to the German History Museum. This was a really fab museum, my only complaint would be that the paintings section was closed for refurbisment. I loved the section on religious statues. One was of a rather devilish looking Moses holding the ten commandments. Another was of an angel staring kindly down at everyone. One of the few paintings on display was a very odd version of the last supper. I also liked the sections on clothing and toys. Too bad I couldn´t play dress up!

There was also a huge amount of decorative arts and clocks. I thought that these bits were a little boring and didn´t stay long.

After the museum I popped into the small but nice Church of our Lady. Eventually I wandered up to the castle. I had thought that I would be able to go inside, but that wasn´t the case. Instead I wandered around the grounds and checked out the building from different angles. There were a lot of couples making out in the shade. I kinda felt like I was intruding.

I was still behind with blog (the again, when am I not), and headed to the cheapie internet café I had found earlier. After a few hours I was caught up and ready for bed.

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