Sunday, September 14, 2008

All By Myself

Day 187
I didn´t sleep well, people were in an out all night and it kept me up. Still, I got myself up and walked to the bus station. After three hours on a bus I transferred to a ferry and then back on a bus. Everything was in Estonian. The boat was practically empty and I was clearly the only tourist.

Part of me hates to travel with uncertainties and part of me loves it. Its nice to know that I have a place to sleep on any given night, but I don´t always care for being held down to a schedule. Here on Hiiumaa, the smaller of the two largest Estonian islands, in the largest town Kardla (population 4,000) there wasn´t anything online and I was forced to just turn up. It turned out to not be a problem though, I found a hostel with the help of the tourist office. It was only opened for another two weeks so I got lucky. I was the only one there. The woman at the hostel was shocked that I was alone

As I hadn´t had anything real to eat all day I headed right to a restaurant. I had a really nice lunch for only about $7.

My plan had been to go horseback riding, but when I went to the stables they told me that they only do large groups, and I was all alone.

I ended up just going to the grocery store for snacks and hanging out in my room with a book. I did manage to make myself some pasta for dinner though. Around midnight a German couple got to the hostel. It was too bad, I was looking forward to having the place to myself.

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