Monday, September 15, 2008

Long and Winding Road

Day 188
As horseback riding was out I decided to bike ride around Hiiumaa instead. On my map it looked so small. I thought that even an occasional bike rider like me could handle it.

When I was waiting for the bike rental guy to show up I ran into the Germans. They were going to be biking around for about 4 days. I had half a mind to ask if I could tag along, but decided not too. I knew that I could never keep up with them and I headed off on my own.

I soon questioned this decision, I recently read a book about a girl bike riding alone who was attacked. It was a little disconcerting. There wasn´t anyone else on the road.

About 5 kilometers later I came to the very creepy Hill of Crosses. There were two stories for this place. One was that when Sweden lost Estonia ethnic Swedes were stranded on this island and the crosses were in memory of them. The other is that two wedding parties met here and neither would give way. A fight ensued and the bride of one party was killed along with the groom of another. The two remaining married and had a happy life. Erecting a cross here ensures a happy ever after.

The rule was that the cross must be made out of natural things but without destroying anything. I couldn´t seem to get mine to stand up right so I just placed it on the ground. Either reason for the crosses sounded good to me and I was happy to leave my mark.

Back on the trail I had to beg myself to push though and get to the end. I was getting really cold but there was restaurant and a warm meal at the end. I skipped the town with a lighthouse and the church I had wanted to stop at was closed. I just told myself to keep going.

Eventually I got to Korgesaare. I was devastated to see that the restaurant was closed. I had to go to the supermarket. The biggest problem was that it was cold out and there wasn´t really anywhere to eat. I don´t think I waiting more than 15 minutes to get back on the bike.

My entire body was sore at this point and I found myself taking brakes every 5 minutes. I knew that I would never get back at that rate. I walked the bike for a few kilometers to give my bottom a break. When I realized that I was running out of light I forced myself on the bike and managed to get the last several kilometers finished in about 45 minutes.

Overall I had biked 36 kilometers in about 5 hours. I was exhausted. After making myself dinner I passed out on my bed hardly able to move another inch.

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