Sunday, September 21, 2008


Day 194
I woke up later than I had hoped. I was definitely feeling the day before. I decided to not go to the second parade and took a break while Karen headed out.

At noon we headed over to see if we could get into a tent. This was impossible without a reservation the night before. The tents were fabulous. If I ever come back I will definitely be reserving a spot in one of them.

Everything opens up at 10 am. There had only been two drinking hours when we got there. Still, there were some incredibly drunk people around. One guy was trying to eat a pretzel and could chew just fine, he just didn’t have the swallowing part down and it was all over his shirt. Other people were being held up by their slightly more sober friends. All of this after only 2 hours.

We decided against squeezing in and just checked out all of the tents. We then went for one last lunch at a much less crowded beer hall. Afterwards we grabbed our stuff from the hotel and then headed to the train station. This is where we said goodbye. Karen was headed to Vienna to visit family and I had one more night here and needed to get to my hostel. It was sad saying goodbye, it had been so much fun to reconnect with a friend. But, I must keep traveling on.

After dropping my stuff off at the Tent, the same hostel I stayed at when I was here 6 years ago, I headed back downtown. I had a lot of blogging to catch up on and spent the evening doing that. When the internet cafe closed down I headed back to my hostel.

The tram was full of extremely drunk people. At the hostel’s stop there were guys from the Tent standing around to help the severely inebriated.

I had just enough time to grab a beer before they shut the bar for the night, I was the last person they served. I sat down and read my book for a bit. After about 15 minutes a very drunk Aussie came over and asked me if he could have a beer. It took me a minute to decipher his slurred accent and to realize he thought that I worked there. As I was translating drunk Australian he started saying beeer very slowly and pretending to drink. I tried not to laugh as I said the bar is closed and I don’t work here in a clear American accent.

It was too cold to hang outside very long though and I went to bed quite early.

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