Monday, September 29, 2008

Lithuania 2 – Kathryn 0

Day 202
The plan for today was to go and check out a seaside town with big sand dunes. Because it was the off season there was only one bus a day. It would get me there just in time to make the one bus a day back to Klaipeda. This town sucks!

I didn't want to see another movie and I actually wasn't feeling too great. It was also raining. I spent the morning inside watching ANTM. When the sun came out I headed back downtown. I figured that I would try the brewery again. I never quite made it there. It started to pour again and I decided to just give it up. I went into a grocery store to pick up some stuff. While I was in line a woman just cut in front of me, she didn't say anything, just shoved me aside. Yesterday when I was asking for directions people would ignore me and just walk away. What the heck is wrong with the people here?

Back at the hostel I had the place to myself. I ate my junk food and watched ANTM until I was tired and could take no more.

Lithuania is really kicking my butt!

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