Friday, September 19, 2008

Modern View

Day 192

I woke up before jet lagged Karen and headed downstairs to get some breakfast, it wasn't long before Karen came down as well. After organizing ourselves, well, Karen organized, I shoved my stuff in a pile in the corner. My bag just vomits every where whenever I open it and I can't do the repack several times a day, that would be all I ever did!

We headed off to the Museum of Modern Art. I had been in Munich 6 years ago but had not been here. This could have been because it was completed in 2002, it might have not even been here.The museum was much like the other modern ones I've been too. There was a selection of furniture, grotesque pictures, strange movies and some Picasso's. I'm not a huge modern art fan, I really just don't get it. Despite this there were some interesting things to look at. I quite liked the odd neon lights. I don't know if that was really art, but it made for a fun picture.

After the museum we did a bit of shopping. I had been freezing cold in Eastern Europe and had to get a winter coat before returning. Luckily I found a cute one that wasn't to expensive very easily. Staying with the beer and German food trend from the night before we headed to the Augustiner beer hall for dinner. We sat next to this odd woman who told us that she was Arabian, but had been living in Colorado. We both thought she meant Saudi Arabia. She then said no, beneath there. I asked if she was from Oman or Yemen. She seemed a bit surprised and replied Oman, I told her that I had been to Muscat and Nizwa. She then told us that she lived in Egypt. I think she was very confused.
Tonight had to be an early night, there was a long and early day ahead of us.

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