Thursday, September 18, 2008


Day 191
It was time to put Eastern Europe on hold for a few days and head back to Germany. I was headed to Munich to meet up with one of my former co-workers, Karen. We were going to Oktoberfest!The bus ride to the airport was a bit odd. I couldn't figure out how to buy a ticket so I just got on. Then a woman approached me, I thought, crap I'm gonna get fined. At closer inspection I saw that she had tickets pinned to her sweater and that I was meant to buy one from her. She seemed to stand there patiently while I figured this all out.

At the airport I got some food and went through security. They second they saw the American passport I got the pat-down treatment. I don't really care though, as long as they let me through!By the time I actually got to Munich it was just about time for dinner due to the time change.

Karen was already at the hotel room waiting for me. It was really fabulous to get to spend a few days with one of my New York friends.We headed straight out to the place you have to go to in Munich, the Hofbrauhaus.

After some good beer and German food we tried to do a bit of shopping, but there wasn't really much time left for that. We finished the night off at the hotel bar. I gave Karen some of the behind the blog secrets (don't worry, nothing juicy) and she updated me on the work front.

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