Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never Enough Time

Day 190
I got myself up early and went straight to the bus station I had to get to Riga, Latvia at some point today. I turned out that I could either go on the noon or 6pm bus. I knew that I couldn´t entertain myself all day in Parnu.

I screwed up. For some reason when I looked at my guidebook I picked Parnu over Tartu. Tartu is a university town and would have been more fun.

I had two hours to kill and only 7 croons (about $0.75) left I bought a pastry for breakfast and then just wandered around the town taking pictures. I had wanted to see the art museum, but wasn´t going to take out more money to see it.

On the bus I met a French girl named Pauline. She had traveled quite a bit, but was on her own for the first time. Chatting made the bus ride seem shorter.

Pauline had a night bus to Lithuania but had some time to kill. She came with me to drop off my bags at my hostel, Fun Friendly Franks. You get a free beer on arrival.

We ended up getting pizza for lunch and exploring Riga for a couple of hours. When Pauline left I went back to the hostel and spent some time writing and chatting with the other people there. I had to call it an early night though, I had a big morning that I didn´t want to sleep through.

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