Monday, October 20, 2008


Day 223

I still felt pretty bad when I got up but I wanted to follow through with my plans. I got my stinky clothes together and walked about 30 minutes to the laundromat. This place was pretty good though. While I waited for my clothes I could check my email, play board games, or chill out a couch with some tea. I ended up reading for a while over earl gray.

I had wanted to go to the salt mines, but I was not really feeling up to it. Annoying lady remarked that I didn't look good. I ended up spending the afternoon reading in my bed.

When I was able to get my act together I went and did some work in an internet cafe. I came back around 9 and could see that annoying lady's things were gone. I was happy. I made myself some dinner and read before going to sleep early.

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