Thursday, October 9, 2008

Movie in My Mind

Day 212
I was up early and after eating breakfast I headed straight for the train station. I was headed to a town called Torun that was about 3.5 hours away. Most of the travel I am doing right now I booked about 2 months ago. I can't always remember why I picked a specific town or why I picked it for the length of time that I did. When my bus went over the river and towards the old town I knew why. Torun is called the red city because of all of the beautiful red brick buildings. It was all medieval and beautiful.

After dropping my things off I went to the old town hall. Outside was a monument to Copernicus, he was born here. There was some sort of event going on and there was a stage set up in the square. Kids were doing dance acts and singing. One group of girls who were maybe 7 or 8 danced to a medley of Broadway songs. The danced to Grease and Mama Mia, I was surprised when a song from Miss Saigon that was about how a prostitute would deal with her vocation. I don't think that the person who picked that song spoke any English!

Eventually I wandered into the History or National museum, I don't really know what it was called. Upstairs there was a rather nice collection of paintings. I quite liked one by Antoni Michalak and another by Vlastimil Hofman. Most of the collection consisted of 20th century pieces, but there were some older ones as well.

Downstairs was more of a history museum. It was split up into different guilds. It was kinda an odd way to present things. There was a lot to look at, but very little of it was explained in any language.

I was a bit tired but stopped at the supermarket to pick up dinner before heading back and taking a nap. I was really hoping that I would have the room to myself that night. Shortly after I woke up Jeanfrançois from Quebec came in. We chatted a bit and decided to check out the town later that night.

While I was eating I chatted a bit with Kamila, the girl working at the hostel. I asked if she would like to join us and we all ended up out at a place that she moonlights at. Kamila and Jeanfrançois tried different types of vodka while I stuck to beer. When the bar closed we headed to a different place with some of Kamilas friends. Eventually Kamila and I left while Jeanfrançois decided to stay with some people he had met. The next day he told me that he couldn't find the hostel for anything and ended up getting a cab for the block or two back.

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