Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Art of Perogies

Day 211
The goal of the day was to go and see a fort a bit out of town that had been the first fort fired on during WWII. Kamile decided to join me and we waited at the bus stop for a really long time. The bus never came and it was getting late. The boat we needed only ran hourly and didn't run late at all. Eventually we just gave up on the idea and went with plan b.

We ended up going to the National Museum instead. It had a lot of pottery and some other objects, but it was mostly paintings. The most impressive ones were various depictions of judgment day. Some of the demons were pretty funny looking. There was one section on wooden saint figures. I tried to guess which was which before checking out the description. Overall I thought that the museum was nice, but not all that impressive. Kamile seemed to like it though and it did give me a bit of something to write about for the day!

After the museum we grabbed a perogie lunch before going to the movies. Gdansk is apparently where I go to do a whole lot of nothing.

That night Kamile left for Vilnius and I spent some time talking to a Kiwi and a Belgian at the hostel before going to sleep.

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