Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scavenger Hunt

Day 228
I really wanted to try and complete the treasure hunt. As soon as I had my act together I went out to do just that.

Breakfast was first on the list though. I had some type of nut and raisin crepe, it was really good. I then began knocking off the streets I hadn’t been to before. I was such a dork about the whole thing, I highlighted as I went. Olomouc is a really pretty town; it wasn’t hard to quickly fall in love.

It took some time but I eventually found two more of the objects. I also found a balloon on the side of the wall. A few hours later I had found two more of the objects.

While heading for where I thought the eighth one would be I found a leprechaun and a lizard. My hunch about the eighth one was right and after taking the picture I headed to the supermarket for some dinner.

Just about everyone was at the hostel ready to leave for a hockey game when I got back. I don’t really get hockey and I tend to think that it is really on the violent side, but it was cheap and something to do. A bunch of people in the group were drinking cheap beers during the game, I was so cold though that I didn’t understand how the beer didn’t freeze. We were rooting for the white team, but I don’t really know why. They lost even though they had dominated throughout the game.

I had planned on my typical hostel dinner of pasta, but instead was invited to dinner by Frank and Layne, both Americans. Frank is traveling like me and Layne teaches English in Prague. We went to a coffee house and got some really fabulous couscous thing, it was surprisingly filling.

I tried to go to a local bar with live music when dinner was I done; I thought that most of the people from the hostel would be there. I couldn’t find anyone though and ended up just going back to the hostel. This was where I found everyone. We talked about playing trivial pursuit, but for some reason a group of Canadians decided to play dress up with the free clothing bin. I just didn’t get it.

Around midnight everyone called it a day and went to sleep.

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