Sunday, October 26, 2008

All I want is a blue water pump

Day 229
It was around 9 and I had to wait a bit for a shower. Ahh, the fun parts of staying in a hostel. I thought that I would go to the zoo for the day but I got a bit distracted at the internet café. I also ran into Layne and Frank again.

The three of us decided to go to lunch at one of the places that I had eaten at before. The food was good and cheap, a perfect meal. I really like them both and lunch went on longer than I think anyone had anticipated. By the time we were finished it was too late for the zoo.

I decided instead to give the scavenger hunt one more shot. The only thing I had left was a blue water pump. Soon I got really frustrated with it. I had literally walked every street in Olomouc at least once, if not two or three times. I also began to think that I might be loosing my mind. I did just spend two days in Wroclaw looking for gnomes. Perhaps that is what 8 months of travel does to a person. I won’t be going home smarter or more confident, just ready to be admitted to the loony bin.

It was time to do something that I’m not very good at, I gave up. I went for some tea. Of course, saying you give up and actually giving up are two very different things. While I wrote in my journal I came up with a few more ideas of where to look. One of them was so good that I really thought that it was is. I drank up and paid quickly. The pump wasn’t there; I went back to the hostel rather frustrated.

No one seemed to be going at so after dinner I sat down with a romance novel from the book exchange at the hostel and read it straight through. It was just as ridiculous as those books tend to be, but it was a nice way to spend the evening.

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