Monday, October 27, 2008


Day 230
When I woke up I knew that I had to accomplish something, anything really. I couldn’t look for a water pump or send another day doing nothing but drinking tea and reading. This blog is about to get really boring if that is what I do every day.

I decided that it was time to go to the zoo. Looking at cute animals, and trying not to talk out loud to them, is a great way to spend the day. Perhaps it also makes me seem slightly less crazy.

The zoo was a bit out of town, but the bus ride was actually pretty nice. The first thing I found was a bunch of monkeys. It was lunch time and they were all fighting over carrots and bananas. The petting area was a bit weird, I think you were meant to climb over something, but I didn’t bother. I just tried to reach the llamas and goats from where I was. They didn’t like me though; I didn’t have any food for them.

A lot of the larger animals seemed to not care much for the cold and were in hiding. I did see a bear and a lion though. I soon found more monkeys and a giant anteater. That is one crazy looking animal. Kinda like a dog, I want one. The reindeer and the bison didn’t seem to mind the cold all that much.

I walked by one of the concession stands and couldn’t help but buy myself some cotton candy. I don’t know why I do this. It always gives me a stomach ache. Maybe one day I will learn. I felt even sicker as I watched something that looked like a prairie dog tearing into dead baby chicks. The small cats were carrying around bloody hunks of meat in their mouths. Some of them really looked like house cats to me, I suspect they where simply feral.

After more monkeys, one was trying to knock over a tree, I found the nocturnal house. It took me a minute to realize that the bats had free reign in the place and I didn’t want them flying over me so I left. It was really creepy.

The cold was getting to me at this point and I headed back. I got to the hostel just in time, because they were just cutting a birthday cake for Joseph, one of the other guests. When the cake was gone we headed down the street to the movie theater to see The Dark Knight, it was even better than the first time.

As we did have a birthday to celebrate we went to one of the breweries for a couple of beers before looking for karaoke. We never found it, thank goodness, and ended up at the cheap beer bar. Beer here is only a dollar!

On the way back we all wanted kebabs but were forced to settle for hamburgers before calling it a night.

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