Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Missed Signals

Day 231
Today was a holiday. I think it was the 90th anniversary of independence or something. Everything was closed. Even the internet café was closed. There were activities planned during the day though. I got myself together slowly in the morning, who am I kidding, I spent most of it reading PS I Love You.

For lunch I went to one of the breweries and had some yummy honey beer and some food. I took my time and got a lot of my book done. After lunch I went to the main square to listen to the live music and check out the food stands. The music wasn’t that great, but I did buy myself a cookie.

I really did want to continue reading so I spent some time at a teahouse before heading back to the hostel. I read and spent some time chatting with Jess, an Australian who has been traveling like me but is currently working at the hostel.

We eventually headed out with some other people to see the fireworks. Problem is that we went the main square, where we thought they were. Turns out they not only started the show ten minutes early but that they were near the cathedral. We, along will all the others waiting in the square, missed them. We drowned our sorrows in a glass of mulled wine.

After dinner I headed with a few people to the second brewery in town and then we all went to the rock climbing bar. An Aussie girl in our group rather loudly started saying that Czech women are unattractive and don’t know how to dress. Neither of these things are remotely true. Jess and I tried to point out that everyone around us spoke English, we were in a student bar, but she didn’t seem to care.

It wasn’t too late that we called it a night and headed back to the hostel.

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