Thursday, November 13, 2008

Apparently It Can

Day 247
I was up early, I had to be for my bus. I had packed the night before and only had to throw a few last minute things into my bag and finish up the last of my cereal. It was raining again, and I left a few minutes early. Good thing too, because I missed the road I needed. To not miss my bus I had to go down a trail cut through some woods. It was rather steep and with my bag and the rain it was a bit tricky. I don't know how I managed to not fall.

Switching buses in CB was easy and soon I was on my way. I fell asleep for a while and when I woke up I was nervous that I had missed my stop. I asked the guy behind me. It turned out the he wasn't Czech, but rather Italian. He had been visiting his girlfriend. Lucky for me he had done this several times before and was able to reassure me that I had not missed my stop. We chatted for the rest of the ride and that made it fly by.

When I got to Trebic, pronounced Trebich, I had no clue where my hostel was. There had been a bad map on the website but no directions. I went in what I thought was the right way and ended up in the main square. The tourist office was just closing and someone who didn't speak much English basically told me to go away. I walked outside and was at a bit of a loss. I was carrying all my crap and it was raining. I had no idea what to do. Just then a woman came out with maps and town information and told me that she was closing but that the guy who told me to go away told her that I spoke English and she wanted to give me info. I was really appreciate. She even told me where my hostel was.

I had no problem finding the place and in no time my bag was in a locker and I was beginning to dry off. I was really hungry though and simply ate at the hostel restaurant. It was a bit expensive, but I don't think my stomach would have had the patience to shop around. The food was really good.

After lunch I tried to wander in the rain but it was making me rather miserable. I ended up back at the hostel and took a nap. When I woke up it was time for dinner. My goal for the evening was to find a place where I might be able to do some writing and meet some locals. I went to most of the bars recommended on my map but they were all empty. I finally found a non stop place called Rodeo that had a couple of people in it and not too loud music.

There was a guy sitting one table over and he tried to get my attention. I could tell straight away that he was very drunk and kinda smelled and I didn't really have the desire to talk to him. He wanted me to come to the juke box and pick out a song. I tried to pretend I didn't understand, but he eventually made it really obvious. I went over there and picked out a song. When I was done he tried to kiss me, but I easily brushed him away. He seemed to get the hint. Drunk guy didn't try to touch me again, but he did try to have a conversation with me by drawing boxes. I didn't understand at all and when I finished my beer I said goodbye and went back to the hostel.

It was still rather early and after spending some time online I read a bit before falling asleep.

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