Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moving On

Day 240
It was a few days past the point of leaving for me. Funny, I could have spent a lot more time in Olomouc and I did like Prague. I just didn’t want to be there any longer. After packing up my things I put them in storage and headed out. I have been traveling with a library for far too long. I took three of the books I have read and went to a used bookstore; I could either sell them for five bucks or get a free book. It seems a bit stupid, but I got one free book for three books. I
just can’t carry all of this stuff any more.

After lunch I went back to grab my things and spent a bit of time on the internet. I hastily booked an extra special treat for myself. Not that every day of this trip isn’t a treat, I just wanted something special. I won’t tell you what it is though, you will just have to wait and see. I will say though, that I don’t think that I would have bought this if it were not for the missing money incident.

The train and bus rides were uneventful. I spent most of the time writing or reading once my hand began to ache. I was embarrassingly behind with blog and it was screaming at me.

Once I got to Cesky Krumlov I had a bit of a problem finding my hostel. The directions said to walk toward the big tower. The fog was so thick that I could hardly see my own feet, let alone a tower. Luckily some nice locals helped me out and after a bit more confusion I ended up where I was meant to be.

I was really hungry and left to get food as soon as my pack was off my back. I had been directed to a medieval themed place that had some fabulous onion soup in a yummy bread bowl. I think that all soup should come in a bread bowl. I also had a leg of something that had been cooked over a fire. To top it all off was a glass of Budvar, just about the best beer in the history of the world. This was one fantastic meal!

I tried to explore the city a bit, but it was really foggy and deserted. I couldnt help but thing that everyone out on a night like this was up to no good, including myself. I was also getting cold so I simply headed back.

There wasn’t much going on at the hostel, in fact there wasn’t really anyone there. I ended up watching movies for some time before calling it a night. I was very happy to finally be somewhere new.

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