Saturday, November 8, 2008

No Rain!

Day 242
When I woke up it was raining. Yuck. This inspired me to stay inside for the morning and read my book about Henry VIII. When the rain stopped, just before lunch, I headed out. I didn't get to far though. The door of the hostel has a dragon on it and I needed a picture.

After grabbing a sandwich for lunch I headed to the castle. To my frustration both the castle and the baroque theater were closed for the winter. I'm sure that my wallet was happy about it though. I was able to walk through the castle though, and I took as many pictures as possible to make up for not being able to go inside.

The gardens were open and I spent some time strolling around them. There was a small lake, or overgrown pond in the back. It looked rather shallow and was full of algae. When I was done wandering I headed back to the hostel. It was still rather wet out and I didn't want to get muddy.

That night Gaynor and I decided to have dinner at the place with the good onion soup. It was just as yummy as it had been the first time. Afterwards we went back to the hostel just to find out that everyone was going out for a late dinner. We didn't go, but we convinced them to come back after they were finished so that we could all go out together. The two of us watched Sweeney Todd to pass the time.

Tonights activity was bowling, yes bowling. I suck at bowling and doing it on the other side of the Atlantic didn't seem to improve me at all. Still, it was fun and I didn't come in last. After an hour of bowling Gaynor and I headed back to finish the movie while everyone else went to a bar.

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