Monday, November 17, 2008

Time Warp

Day 251
The family was really loud and eating breakfast at 6 am. I didn't realize how early it was though. Somehow I had messed up the time on my ipod so that it was 2 hours ahead. After falling back to sleep I woke up and thought that it was about 10 am. I rushed getting ready and eating. The tourist office wasn't going to be open in the afternoon and I wanted to make sure that I got there on time. It wasn't until I checked the time when I saw the office wasn't open and I thought it should be that I realized what time it actually was. To kill the next hour I wandered around and took pictures of random thing

When the office opened I was a bit shocked to find out that the woman didn't speak any English, but did speak German. Half of the questions that I wanted to ask went flying out of my head. I did manage to find out the bus times though and which museums were opened.

Nothing would be opened for an hour so I headed back to the hostel and ran into Claire and Kasey. We decided to go on the underground tour, however, we had to wait until noon and got some tea to pass the time.

That tunnel tour was one of the more interesting of this type that I have been on. The English part was on a handout, but it was clearly marked when we were meant to read each part. The tunnels have been used for storage and protection for the last several hundred years. A long time ago the towns people knew that the Swedish army was approaching so they hid themselves and all their valuables in the tunnels. The Swedes found an empty town and left compltly creeped out.

We also passed an old wine cellar and a gnome. The gnome was ugly. There was a small labyrinth that even I had to bend down in. At one point the guide turned off the lights. We all had to just stand there and wait, going forwards would ensure getting hurt.

After the tour we headed for lunch and then Claire and Kasey were back to Prague. I headed to the history museum but found it to be rather boring and didn't stay long.

Back at the hostel I spent most of the evening updateing the blog and talking to my mom. I had thought that I had the place to myself but around 10 a random guy showed up. It turns out that his car had broken down and he was stuck. He didn't speak English and sat in the kitchen smoking. This was really annoying me so I went out to a local wine bar and wrote for a bit.

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