Sunday, November 2, 2008

Torture in Prague

Day 236
Rose and I really have a problem waking up at normal times or actually doing things. Despite and early night we still were not out of the apartment
until after noon.

After lunch we headed to the torture museum. I had been here before with Markus, but I think they may have expanded it since then. The whole thing was rather gross and left us both a bit queasy. It just isn’t so much fun to look at iron maidens and thumbscrews. Those medieval torturers were pretty inventive though.

I think that my memory is started to get bad. I was really lax with my journal for too long, I can’t remember what we did after this. I think that we may have just gone back to the apartment and watched Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother. I really had missed so much good TV since I left home. I think I will need to spend the first month that I’m back catching up on it!

For dinner we found a really great place. It had a medieval theme and was quite cheap. The food was excellent as well. This might have been one of the best meals that I have had in the CR.

Of course no night is complete without a stop at the Red Hat for a few drinks. I somehow feel that we have become locals, or just barflies. We didn’t stay out too late this time though, I think we both felt that we needed to function on some level the next day.

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