Monday, November 3, 2008

Unsolved Mystery

Day 237
Rose slept in a bit later than me and I was just heading out the door when she woke up. I had a hole in my jeans and went to go and buy a new pair. I didn’t have any luck though. On the way back to the apartment I went to check my email and ran into Rose who was also on her way there. She stayed a bit longer than me and I went back to wait for her.

After watching the astronomical clock we headed across Charles Bridge. It was really quite beautiful, unfortunately there was some construction working being done on it. Once we had crossed we wandered the area beneath the castle. Not seeing the castle was a bit of a pity, but I had seen it 6 years ago and Rose wasn’t very interested in it. As we walked we took pictures of ourselves and the bridge.

This was our last night and we knew we had to go out. After some more TV we went to the Irish place for dinner and drinks. We were playing Uno and eventually I asked a few other people to join us. Apparently they were all there for a pub crawl. There were about 10 of us playing drunken Uno, it was a lot of fun. I just wish I had paid more attention to some of the new rules. There were a few good ones that I could use later on.

When I went to pay to my dismay my wallet was empty. I didn’t even know what to say for the first few seconds. I have no idea what happened. We had been out the night before, but I remember that when I was at the internet café I was about to pay with a large bill despite the low charge and was then able to find change. I don’

t understand how my whole wallet wouldn’t have gone missing, but I am very happy that it didn’t. That would have caused all sorts of problems. It’s not like me to loose money and I hadn’t spent anything since the internet café. We had been walking around some super touristy areas though. I didn’t want to let it ruin the day though. It was about 150 dollars; I think that I will just look at it as travel tax.

We followed the pub crawl to the Red Hat for one more drink before calling it a night. Rose had a flight in the morning and I was planning on moving on. We both felt like we needed to wake up for those things.

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