Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alone Again

Day 238
There was some confusion about the time Roses car was meant to come and our goodbyes ended up being quick. It was really sad seeing Rose leave. She had proved to be not only the best travel partner I have had yet, but also the best roommate. Given just about anyone would be an improvement over my last roommate, so maybe that doesn’t count.

The plan was for me to take a train to Plzen and hang out there for a few days. My new no prebooking plan caused me some problems though, the hostel was full. I decided to stay in Prague and began to look for the closest but still cheapest hostel in town.

I must have looked a bit frantic because fellow American and RTW blogger Steven, www.freewaysoul.blogspot.com, offered his help. We ended up walking to the uber close and cheap Travelers Hostel. Once my bags had been dropped off we headed across the bridge for some cheep Czech food. Over beers and food we chatted about our trips and gave each other tips. We seemed to be traveling in the opposite direction from one another.

After lunch we walked over to check out the John Lennon wall before heading back to the town center. I was a bit tired and decided to spend some time reading and taking a nap.

For dinner I made pasta. Afterwards I went to the hostel bar and ended up joining a rather large group. There was an American named Mike and we chatted a bit about the election, and looked for updates online. Eventually the group left for what we thought was a bar but turned out to be a strip club. Really not my thing. The beer also cost about four dollars, really really not my thing. In the end we all headed over to the Red Hat before calling it a night.

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