Saturday, November 22, 2008


Day 256
I was up early but spent some time chatting before getting a move on. My first stop was a pub that I used to eat lunch at on occasion. Unfortunately they no longer serve the sandwich that I liked best.

I then headed down the street to check out London Business School. This is where I would like to go in the future. I was expecting for there to be some sort of campus though. I don’t know why. Instead it was just a big building that looked just like all the other building around Regents Park.

The plan was to head down to Charing Cross road where there are several used book stores. I wasn’t paying attention to my route and before I knew it I was on Oxford Street. Oxford Street is just about as much fun as Times Square is. I was able to pick up a few Clinique things I needed though. When I finally had fought my way through to Charing Cross I did manage to find a few books at reasonable prices. What wasn’t reasonable was the cost of seeing the new Bond film in Leicester Square. Will I never learn?

That evening both Sara and Rebecca were busy. Rebecca was studying, but Sara was out and she lent me her computer for the evening. I have recently discovered how to watch tv over the internet and spent all evening catching up on Desperate Housewives.

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