Monday, December 15, 2008

Jungle Fever

Day 279
I was up at a normal hour and my stomach was growling. I had a really yummy omelet and French toast for breakfast. Ali showed up before I was finished. I made another massage appointment with Citee and then headed back to my room to read.

Citee came just a couple of hours later and we sat outside on the porch. I didn't have electricity in my room for the time being. Apparently there are things in the jungle that just don't work quite right. By the time the massage was done I moved back inside so that I could nap while the herbal medicine that Citee had made for me could help get the swelling down. Ali showed up again, but I told him that I was going to sleep.

After my nap I headed out to pick up some provisions for my bus ride the next morning. I ended up meeting a group of 6 Swedish girls and a couple of Finns. I spent most of the evening chatting with them. Around midnight everyone decided to head to another bar and I decided to call it a night. 1. I had to be up early and 2. to get to the bar I would have to get on a motorbike, not only do these frighten me, but getting on one after everyone had been drinking didn't sound like a good idea. I decided to call it a night. Ali insisted on walking me to my room. At my door I thanked him and went inside.

After putting on my pj's I heard a noise outside. I looked out at my porch and saw that Ali was there. I opened the door and asked him if there was a problem. He told me that he was just calling his friends to say he wasn't coming because he wanted to spend time with me. I replied that I was going to sleep and that he should go with his friends. Ali replied that he wanted to go to sleep to. I told him that I would be going to sleep alone, this got him to leave. I had a feeling he wasn't just being nice.

When I had shut the door I got in bed and quickly was asleep.

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