Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Mighty Jungle

Day 278
I was woken up pretty early by Ali banging on my door. I could see him through the tinted windows, but he was not able to see me. He was persistent and I told him through the glass that I was asleep and that I would talk to him later.

I did try to sleep a bit, but it was too late, I was up. My foot was still sore and very swollen, but at least I had a flat surface to walk on. I got to work washing my muddy clothes. I had set them to soak the night before and that made the work a bit easier. I had already washed my shoes figuring that they would need the most amount of time to dry. By the time I was finished I was famished and ready for breakfast.

Ali was waiting for me. I found this to be a bit weird. He just wanted to talk me into getting a foot massage from one of the women in the village who also happened to work in the kitchen. I really don't like having my feet touched and tried to put him off. However, I knew that it would be cheap and figured that it couldn't make things worse so I said ok. We tried to make conversation a bit, but we had nothing in comon. In the end I went to my room to r ead.

I had been reading for some time when Citee came to give me my foot massage. She was interesting to talk to and if it hadn't hurt so much I might have enjoyed it. Ali showed up after a bit to watch. After the massage I could actually walk a bit better.

When Citee left Ali stayed. I made sure to leave the door open, I couldn't quite figure out his attentiveness. I didn't know if he was just nice, or maybe felt guilty that I hut myself on his watch so to say. Conversation was again strained and then it bordered on the inappropriate so I told him that I wanted to read for a bit. He said that he would stay and I told him that I wanted some privacy so he left.

I actually ended up napping for a bit before dinner. Just as I was about finished Ali showed up. I ended up spending a couple of hours playing card games with him and a couple of the other guides for a few hours. It seems that all the tourists were in the jungle and it was just me.

I wanted to try and sleep at a decent hour, but ended up reading until late into the night.

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