Monday, December 22, 2008

Modern Life

Day 286
I was up early, way early, 3:30 am early. I had scheduled an airport transfer in advance thru my hotel. When I went to the lobby the guy who was meant to drive me was asleep. I set my bag down heavily and that woke him up. Drivers in Indonesia are crazy. They speed, they weave manically and the amount of traffic is shocking. On a good day it's worse than rush hour during the rain in Manhattan. I was leaving just 2 hours before my plane was to take off. I had been assured that due to the lack of traffic at that time that I wouldn't have any problems. What they didn't mention was that I would have the only driver in Indonesia that actually drove beneath the speed limit. I was rather nervous about making my flight and was glad to see that I did arrive about 1 hour 15 minutes before it took off.

I didn't really know why I was going to Jakarta. There wasn't anything all that interesting to see. I just sort of felt like I ought to visit the capital. My flight there was pretty much on time and not really worth mentioning. While I was waiting for my bus to the city center I saw something that I haven't seen in forever, I haven't even ever seen one of these in NYC. It was a Krispy Kream shop! I ran over and chanced missing my bus so that I could stuff myself with their gooey goodness. Life is good!

After heading to the backpacker area I grabbed some lunch. My foot was aching pretty badly so I just decided to call the day a loss. After spending some time on the internet I read for a while before growing board and grabbing a cap to the mall. I ended up seeing Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D. I don't know that I have ever seen a movie in 3-d before. It was pretty cool.

For some reason I had thought that getting a cab back would be easy as pie. It was 11pm though and the main mall exit was blocked off. I was directed to a hotel a few blocks away by mall security but somehow I got lost. I was getting a bit nervous about the whole thing. I don't know the city at all and it was very very dark. I ended up finding a random security guard of a parking lot and asked him to help me. He did and soon I had a cab and was on my way back to my hotel. It was raining when I got there but I was too tired to care, I was back and in one piece.

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