Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Train Monster

Day 287 I was really tired when I woke up and tried to put off the action for as long as possible. I didn't want to miss the city though and soon forced myself to get my act together. I'm becoming convinced that no one in this country walks anywhere. Every time I step outside I have to practically argue my right to walk! When people ask if I have transportation I have begun to answer yes, if they ask where I point to my feet and keep going. If people ask me where I am headed I just answer that I'm on a walk.

My first stop was as massive tour in the sorta center of the city. I wanted to take an elevator up for the view. When I bought my ticket the guy told me that it was about an hour wait. I said no problem, I had a book to read. Almost 3 hours later I finally got on the elevator, it only held about 8 people. The top of the tower was teaming with school groups. It was really pretty miserable so I took my pictures and then got in line to go down. This was another fiasco. A teacher would wait in line and then when it was her turn she would pull 10 little kids who were not in line into the elevator. It took about 8 or 9 trips before I was able to force my way on. You would have thought that the NYC subway would have given me practice for this!

By the time I had gotten down it was after 2 pm and the museum I had wanted to see for the day was closed. I was irritated, but what can you do? I ended up at a nice place for lunch, it actually looked like it could have been in the city. The best part was the air conditioning. I didn't want to get too gross because there wasn't going to be any place for me to take a shower until the morning. When I was back in the area of my hotel I spent more time working on the blog in an internet cafe.

Around 7:30 I headed to the train station. I had gotten one of the last seats on the night train to Yogyarta. I had been told that it was first class and was looking forward to laying down. Only it wasn't a sleeper, I don't think that was even an option. The first class seats were really uncomfortable, I don't even want to know what the regular seats were like. I was also seated in front of a crazy child. She was singing and screaming and pulling the back of my seat constantly I shot her some dirty looks but nothing changed. I hardly got any sleep at all and arrive a very tired person.

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