Sunday, December 28, 2008

Temples Temples Everywhere

Day 292
When I met up with Jan he informed me that I would be joined by another person and that we would be going by car. I double checked that my price was the same and it was was. When I met up with Juliet a few minutes later I did feel a bit bad that she might have had to pay extra, but I couldn’t worry about that.

Some of the oldest human fossils have been found in the Solo area. Our first stop was the museum about them. Well, it was actually a bunch of replicas, but at least everything was behind glass so that people couldn’t touch it. The whole museum sort of resembled an elementary school project. It wasn’t really as interesting as I thought it would be. Jan did read anything we asked him to though.

Our next stop was up a long and very windy road to the Hindu Cetho Temple. This temple was meant to symbolize men. It was pretty fabulous. Jan was pretty knowledgeable about everything and told us the stories behind the stone carvings. Each entrance way looked like bookends and are set so that you can take an ultra touristy jumping shot. I tried it a few times but we were not able to time it right and I ended up looking liking I was doing some weird type of dance. I posed with some deity or another instead.

By the time we reached our next destination, the Shuh Temple, the fog had descended. It was hard to see more than a couple of feet in front of yourself. It wasn’t long until the rain started though. At first it was just a drizzle but after a few minutes it really began to pour.

This was the female temple. It was rather dirty. There was one part where women were meant to jump over a phallus to prove that they were virgins before getting married. On the surrounding walls there were giants eating humans carved into the walls. There was even one rather dirty headless statue just made for posing behind. Right when Jan was just into a rather long speech it really began to pour. Both Juliet and I were a bit tired and were kinda glad to get out of the explanation.

Before I went back to my hotel I picked up some snacks for my long bus ride the next day. I also managed to find an internet café that promised me speed. Wen I had gotten back and taken a shower I grabbed my things and headed out. I spent several hours uploading and just playing around before I left Around 1:30 I was too tired to go on and left.

It was the Javanese new year and the parade was meant to pass my hotel around 2am. It took me until almost half past to fight my way through the crowds and get back. The parade wasn’t close to passing and I couldn’t wait up any more. In the end I just went to sleep.

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