Monday, December 8, 2008


Day 272
I was up a bit later than expected and after a rather gross breakfast I headed back to the internet cafe. Not only did I have blog work to do, but I also had some flights to book. I made a bit of a mistake though in booking an exit ticket out of Indonesia before booking the boat ride there. I would only have 30 days in the country and the boats were often full. On realizing my mistake I quickly headed over to the booking office. I got lucky, there were a few seats left.

When it was all worked out I suddenly got very excited about Indonesia and went back to my hotel room to work out a better itinerary. This took me most of the day.

At 7 pm I met Sarah and she brought me to another bar where she had met some other people. The bar was owned by this crazy guy named Jim. He told us that the cure for cancer was to have sex for 6 hours continuously and that he was currently in talks to make a few movies with Angelina Jolie. I think he might have been on the crazy side. This was confirmed when it started to pour and he ran out to dance in the rain. Jim was also super flighty with all the girls, making everyone a bit uncomfortable. Due to this we didn't stay very long, but made sure to exchange email addresses before parting.

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