Monday, January 12, 2009

The Man with the Golden Gun

Day 306
I overslept by a couple of minutes but still managed to get myself showered dressed and fed before the car came to pick me up.

The first place we went to was the Phrang Nga Bay. We went on a very bumpy and wet inducing longtail boat. I'm already finding it to be very cold here, and between the wind and the water I was freezing. On the boat we checked out a stunning mangrove forest and went through some caves. The people who had opted for canoes instead of big boats had to lie down to go through some of the small caves and had better access to the mangroves. I was getting a bit jealous until I saw how rough the water was on one side I was glad I had picked the big boat.

The canoing people took a bit more time and everyone else had to wait on a floating boat/snack restaurant. Climbing on and off of the boat were a bit perilous and I didn't really like it.

Next up was a visit to James Bond Island. Part of it was used in The Man with the Golden Gun. I don't know if I have seen the movie or not, but it doesn't matter. I don't know the story line or anything. Still the island was pretty cool and I had a good time taking pictures of it. This wasn't a long stop and soon we were off again.

It was definitely lunch time when we arrived at a stilt fishing village called Panyee Island. The food was ok, but the people I met, an English girl and a Norwegian family were a lot of fun to chat with. After lunch I had a few minutes to explore the small town. I found a mosque and a school plus a woman carrying a monkey around in a diaper trying to take pictures with tourist.

After lunch we had a short and thankfully dry trip back to the pier. Our last stop was the Suwankuha Temple. I have no idea what significance this temple had as the guides didn't really do much guiding. They really sucked on the explanation bit.

There was a big reclining Buddha that was interesting and a lot of monkeys outside. They were quite boring compared to some of the monkeys I have seen before and I wonder if I am getting a bit monkeyed out, is this even possible?

I fell asleep on the way back. It seemed to take forever, I was the first person picked up and the last who was dropped off. After a shower I headed to the same place for dinner that I had gone to the night before. I only stayed for one movie and soon headed to the internet cafe to work on the blog. Eventually I just called it an early night. In a way I miss hostels, it was so much easier to meet people.

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