Sunday, February 1, 2009

Consumer Culture

Day 325
There are so many treks and day trips to take in Chang Mai that I could be busy for ages. I could also run out of money. The only reason I had stuck around for today was for the Sunday Market. I was also way behind in the blog and with my journal and I needed a couple of days to get caught up.

I wrote over lunch and then in a cafe for so long that I got hungry again. Once I had 6 entries written I headed off the the internet cafe to type. This took a while because I watched tv online as I went. Once I was as up to date as I could be for the day

When I came out of the internet cafe night had fallen and the market was in full swing. I am very good at not buying things, but this place was just too much. I ended up with a couple of new shirts and a purse.

The best part of the market was the food. I could hardly finish something at one stall before I found something else that I wanted. I had a spring roll, grilled bananas, crab and and some coconut pastry. I washed it all down with some fresh oj. The market was so crowded that I had walked past the street that I lived on 3 times before finding it. Back in my room I wrote some more and read a bit before falling asleep.

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