Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thai Transportation

Day 327
It was 8 am when I got to Khan Kaen. I came here with the hope of seeing Austin, who I met in Java. We had been in touch but hadn't made any concrete plans. Khan Kaen is in the direction I was headed though, so I felt that showing up wouldn't hurt.

The tuk-tuk driver I got to my hotel really ripped me off. It was very annoying. But when you don't have a map and no idea about how far away things are it's really hard to bargain hard.

After I checked in I had breakfast and then took a nap. I only woke up when my stomach was growling again for lunch. I found a food stall with pad thai and people watched as I ate.

I then popped into and internet cafe to see if Austin was going to be around. It turned out that he wasn't so after watching some tv I headed back to my hotel. The food stalls were really out in full force at this point and I indulged on several things from different stalls. Oddly there were elepahants parked in front of the 7-11.

That night I chatted with some of the other people at the hotel before calling it an early night.

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