Friday, March 6, 2009


Day 359
We slept until the last minute and had to hurridly pack and check out. After putting our things into storage we headed up the big hill again to the yummy sandwich shop. We were really lucky to have done our treks when we did. Sapa was once again covered in fog.

I still had a lot of blogging to do and Nicole and some internet things to do as well so we headed back to the internet cafe and worked for a couple of hours. For an early dinner we went back to the English Pub so that Nicole could have a taste of home. Afterwards we dropped by to say goodbye to Giggles for a few minutes.

In no time the bus picked us up and we were on our way to the train station. At the station there was some confusion about the tickets. Apparently we were meant the pick up the actual tickets with the recipet we had been given. Once again the dummie we had bought them from didn't bother to tell us about this and the people who knew what we needed didn't speak any English. We ended up just standing there confused for a bit before someone brought our tickets.

We lucked out once again and there weren't any smokers in our compartment. We were both pretty tired and didn't bother to talk much before the trains rocking put us to sleep.

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