Saturday, March 7, 2009

On the Train Again

Day 360
Around 6 am our train pulled into the station. The plan was to get all the way to Hue (pronounced Way) that night so we headed straight to the other train station in a cab with a too fast meter. Once at the new train station we had to sit there for about 1.5 hours waiting for the window to open up. We thought we could be on a 9 am train, but it turned out that the first train wasn't until 12 pm, at least we could get a sleeper and nap most of the way there.

To kill the time we went to a bakery for a bit and then to KFC when it opened. Nicole fell asleep at the table and they asked us to leave. We did manage to get some good pictures of crazy Hanoi traffic from the top floor. Before catching the train we picked up some snacks.

We lucked out and had our own compartment. I spent most of the 13 hours reading and sleeping in turn. When we arrived to Hue we ignored all the overpriced offered for a tuk-tuk and walked part of the way before getting a taxi. In no time we were at our hotel of choice. Despite sleeping all day we were both still pretty tired and went right to sleep.

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