Monday, March 9, 2009


Day 362
We were up at 6am to be ready for our very early morning tour. Hue is best place to visit some of the more interesting Vietnam war sites from. It does make for a very long day though and I could hardly keep my eyes open any time that we were on the bus.

Our first stop was a mountain that had been used as a look out by the Americans who also called it the rock pile. Instead of being barren as it was back then, it is now covered in trees and nearly impossible to climb. After the photo opt we headed to the former American Khe Sahn base. There isn't a whole lot left here, but they have opened a small museum. There was a US helicopter and some rebuilt fortifications. As well as a really ugly monument. The men stationed here suffered heavily and were often without supplies for some time. It was hard to read the info in the museum which referred to the soldiers as the imperial aggressors. We then briefly stopped at the Dia Phon Bridge which had been part of the Ho Chi Minh trail.

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