Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Custom Made

Day 363
Nicole and I were up early, but a more reasonable early to head to Hoi An. Luckily this was only a 4 hour bus ride in another luxury bus. We also decided to just stay put at the hotel that we were dropped off at so we didn't have to wander far in the heat.

Hoi An is know for its well preserved buildings and some nearby Cham ruins. We wearn't here for that. Hoi An is the cheapest place in Asia to get custom made clothing. We asked our hotel to reccomend a place and we were directed about 7 doors down the street. We were greeted by two very friendly women who waited patiently while we spent quite some time sorting through various books and picking out things. Once this was done we picked out fabrics and were measured. We were able to have any changes we wanted made. It was really an incredible amount of fun and we both went a bit overboard.

After some lunch we accidently wandered into a custom made shoe place. We had not meant to do this but somehow each ended up with two pairs.

After resting in our room for a bit we grabbed dinner and then attempeted to discover the nightlife. It wasn't too exciting though so we soon went back to the hotel.

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